After passing through Indiana’s House and Senate, an “abortion reversal” bill that endangers women went to Gov. Eric Holcomb’s desk last week for approval.

We urge the governor not to sign House Bill 1577, which would require medical professionals to engage in unsafe and unscientific practices.

The bill would require providers to share information about reversing a drug-induced abortion. The bill advocates the idea that such an abortion can be reversed by stopping medication immediately, an idea that state Rep. Sue Errington, D-Muncie, said is unsupported.

Errington noted that the only legitimate study of abortion reversal had to be halted after three participants were hospitalized.

The bill also requires parental consent forms to be notarized, which is not necessary for any other medical procedure, and allows mental health providers to decline services related to abortion based on their religious preference.

One’s moral convictions about abortion are one’s own business, but health care providers should not be compelled to give faulty information to their patients. As seen in the aforementioned study, doing so can place women in serious danger.

Those who oppose abortion should be able to do so with arguments that are sound and, most importantly, truthful. To employ methods that use misinformation that can endanger pregnant women is to undermine the very nature of a pro-life philosophy.

With the safety of women in mind, Gov. Holcomb should reject this bill.

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