Ever the polar opposite of his grandstanding predecessor, President Joseph Biden has gone straight to work with the air of a quiet professional, having signed over a dozen executive orders just hours after being sworn into office.

Biden has moved to repair international relationships, treating other nations as neighbors rather than competitors.

He has also moved to protect the environment, because the world’s natural resources belong to all of us and must be protected for long-term use and enjoyment.

He has moved to get the federal government more involved in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine in a decisive attempt to put an end to the pandemic.

While Biden may not be as verbose as what we’ve seen over the last four years, he has been responsible for a few firsts that got the nation’s attention.

He became the first president to have an all-woman communication team led by Jen Psaki, and he named the first Black secretary of defense, retired Gen. Lloyd Austin. He has chosen Alejandro Mayorkas to head the Department of Homeland Security, making him the first Latino person to hold that position.

Within days of taking office, Biden reversed his predecessor’s ban on transgender citizens serving in the military, living up to his promise to be a president for all Americans.

If Biden continues to live up to the values he espoused on the campaign trail, we look forward to the rest of his term.

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