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Sometimes leaders must make unpopular decisions, and that’s what Anderson’s elected leaders did when canceling ice skating at Dickmann Town Center and the Christmas parade this year.

The ice skating rink certainly brings some old-fashioned Christmas spirit to town, and it is sad to do without it this year. But we must accept that the holidays cannot be celebrated as usual when these are not usual circumstances.

In keeping Christmas spirit alive, we must remember that the novel coronavirus is alive, as well, and putting vulnerable people at risk is no way to celebrate.

Perhaps we can take a cue from our ancestors who marked the winter solstice to celebrate that they had made it through the darkest part of winter. Modern technology has made it so that winter is not nearly the threat to survival that it was to previous generations, but the pandemic has provided us with a stark reminder of how precious and fragile life can be.

Being unable to celebrate in an extravagant fashion, we would do well to stay in and celebrate with close friends and family members

It is understandable to feel anger and frustration at the damper the pandemic puts on the holidays, but anger toward city officials would be misplaced.

We elect leaders with the hope that they will do what is best for their constituents. We doubt that any of them took joy in canceling two of Anderson’s beloved winter traditions, but they did the right thing.

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