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New Flagship Enterprise Center CEO Terry Truitt recently announced his plans to steer the Flagship back to its original course as a small tech business incubator, a plan which, if properly executed, is sure to reap positive results for Anderson and its surrounding communities.

In true Midwestern fashion, Truitt used a farming analogy to define his role.

“We’re going to plant the seed, we’re going to nurture the crop,” he said. “We want to grow things from Anderson, in Anderson to be bigger and better. That’s our intent.”

As our communities struggle to balance economic growth with preserving small town culture, Truitt’s vision for controlled growth is what we need.

We must nurture innovative businesses that will bring employment opportunities and other resources to our towns. We must also exercise discernment to bring the businesses that will be beneficial to our communities.

We hope to see Truitt continue to work with community leaders to plan growth opportunities that will be mutually beneficial to the communities and the businesses incubated by the Flagship.

With Truitt’s plan for business incubation, our community becomes the proactive agent, seeking out desirable businesses to grow and thrive in our community, as opposed to becoming dependent on larger companies to keep our economy afloat.

It would serve Madison County well to have community leaders working in cooperation with elected officials to bring careful and intentional growth to our local economy.

Of course, time will tell if Truitt’s vision becomes reality, but we hope to see Truitt steer the ship in the right direction.

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