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While we all enjoy freedom of speech here in America, those in positions of public trust should be mindful of their conduct on social media.

Such is the case with an Anderson Community Schools employee who posted an offensive comment on a social media thread. The offense was made worse by the fact that comment appeared to be directed at a father grieving the recent death of his son – who was a student of ACS.

As social media becomes an ever increasing part of our lives, it is important to have rules of conduct just as we have in our daily lives.

Some of us would like to keep a thick wall of separation between our professional lives and our private lives, but the size and scope of social media no longer permits it to be considered part of our private lives.

Whether we like it, social media is public and reflects publicly on ourselves, our families and our employers. This is especially true of school personnel who are entrusted with the safety and well-being of children.

ACS should have clear social media guidelines for its employees, and violations should result in reprimand. Anyone can make a mistake, and not every infraction should result in an immediate loss of an entire career, but we expect ACS to make it clear that such conduct is unacceptable for those in its employ.

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