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While this year’s election is unlikely to be featured on CNN, we encourage everyone to take their local elections seriously and get to the poll.

While national politics provide endless content for 24-hour news networks and all of our social media feeds, local elections provide us with the actual leadership for our communities.

When we compare a single vote with the population of the United States, and then factor in the Electoral College, it is easy to feel as if our votes don’t really matter. Well, that’s a matter of debate and a discussion for another day.

But one thing for certain is that in local elections, every vote matters. There is no electoral college to determine your next mayor or your city council members. The popular vote alone is what counts, and races can be won by a single vote.

These leaders are not making policy decisions on the other side of the world. Their economic plans do not wait to trickle down. This is the here and now.

Today, you have a voice. Today, you have a choice.

Regardless of what choice you make at the voting booth, please make the choice to get there and let your voice be heard.

Be an active participant in your community’s future.

If you live in one of the municipalities with no elections this year, we invite you to appreciate the democratic process by following along with us as we provide ongoing coverage of the elections.

Follow our Election Day coverage on Twitter at #MadCoVotes, check in at heraldbulletin.com throughout the day and get the full rundown in Wednesday’s newspaper.

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