Good’s Candy Shop is a longstanding staple of Anderson, but recent social media activity has been of a more bitter flavor, which has given the shop nationwide attention for all the wrong reasons.

Owner Randy Good is known for being outspoken and direct in his views, which often gain him both fame and infamy.

In a recent post, Good announced that he had jobs available at his shop. It started as a typical help-wanted ad, complete with the Good’s motto “Work hard, be nice!”

Then, the post drifted into strange territory as Good went on a long tangent about undesirable employees, specifically the “splitters” and the “pukers.”

Splitters, he wrote, are those who try to divide people through gossip. Pukers, he continued, are those who unload all of their problems onto their co-workers. As if to put a sexist cherry on top of the post, Good wrote that splitters are typically girls who “learn it from their mothers.”

Boys don’t do this, he said, because they “just duke it out.”

In the days that followed, Good found himself gaining national attention in response to the sexist overtone and all-around strangeness of the post. Most of the 45,000-plus Facebook comments were highly critical of Good’s character and some speculated that he was having a mental health emergency.

Good, in an interview with The Herald Bulletin, said he had in fact suffered from depression for years and also admitted that he was “out of touch” with modern sensibilities, although he stopped short of making an apology.

It is unfortunate that people throughout the country may be hearing of Anderson for the first time in association with sexism and mean-spirited name calling. We hope they’re not dissuaded from visiting our area for fear of people puking in candy stores or duking it out in the parking lot.

We wish Randy Good the best and hope that future publicity he generates reflects better on Good’s Candy and the Madison County area.

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