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The Madison County government is to be commended for a trend of fiscal responsibility.

In November, the Eisenhower Bridge project was completed under budget, leaving over $300,000 available to pay county bills.

More recently, the county reached a settlement with a company hired to remove asbestos from the community center, saving the taxpayers over $229,000.

This comes on the heels of the County Council transferring $400,000 from the wind farm economic development fund to use to pay bills, a decision that drew criticism from some county commissioners.

As the holiday season is upon us, many of us can relate to feeling a little light in the pocketbook and wondering how we’re going to handle all of our expenses.

For most of us, it takes a little thrift to make it through the holidays, and as taxpayers, we should expect our local government to do likewise.

When our local governments exercise good judgment in their spending, we all reap the benefits through reasonable taxes and a thriving economy.

We stand by our position that the wind farm money, previously earmarked for economic development in northern Madison County, should be used for that purpose.

We applaud the county for completing a big project with money to spare and encourage our local elected leaders to continue this trend as we head into 2020.

A combined focus on thrifty spending and economic development is what we hope to see in the year ahead.

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