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Today The Herald Bulletin joins others across the Madison County area to make sure this year’s high school seniors get the recognition they so richly deserve by dedicating a special page to local graduates.

This year’s high school seniors missed out on what many consider to be the most fun portion of the their school careers. The final push toward graduation is typically full of accolades and celebrations of one’s achievements.

It’s a time of celebrating fond memories of a chapter in one’s life that is coming to a close as well as an exciting time of anticipation of things to come.

From here, these young people begin their journeys into adulthood as they prepare for universities, military service, trade school or the work force.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s seniors have been denied such milestone events as prom, awards ceremonies and, of course, graduation day.

This year’s graduating class will move to the next chapter of their lives without the usual fanfare.

Students, parents, faculty and community members have made efforts to give these graduating students the recognition they deserve.

Families have held “drive-by” graduation parties for their graduating seniors. Some schools have pushed ahead with modified graduation ceremonies, allowing students to walk across the stage and receive their diplomas, although without the usual applause.

Today we proudly give recognition to the area’s graduating seniors and wish them many more successes in their promising futures.

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