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Anderson Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. is thinking in the right direction in planning improvements to Anderson’s city parks.

Broderick is requesting that City Council approve a $2.5 million bond for the parks improvements, and we believe it would be money well spent. Proposed improvements to Athletic Park include a splash pad and additional walking trails and playground equipment.

The splash pad would be an economic replacement for the Athletic Park pool that has sat closed since 2007.

A park with a permanently closed swimming pool is not only a waste of valuable space but is a drain on morale. It is a wistful reminder of better times and a large monument to what’s missing.

A park in decline gives the impression of a declining community.

Anderson has proven itself to be a community that can weather the storms of life and pull itself out of an economic downturn. It is time to invest in our parks to reflect that.

This may be a no-brainer, but in order for people to want to spend time at the park, the park has to look nice. Beautiful parks incentivize visitors from neighboring communities to come and enjoy our locations for family picnics, sports activities or company functions. These in turn will stimulate our local economy.

For parks to be valuable assets to the community, they must be vibrant and inviting locations, and this is worth the investment.

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