As Pendleton moves forward with a project for a walking and biking trail, the project is sure to make many vital connections within the town and beyond.

Most of the project will be paid for by a federal grant, with the town’s investment at a $200,000 match.

The bridge will span over Interstate 69, connecting the east and west sides of Pendleton, allowing walkers and cyclists easy movement throughout their town.

The planned bridge is to mirror an existing historic truss bridge over nearby Fall Creek, thus connecting Pendleton’s past to its future.

The future, as town Councilman Chet Batt said, is looking good for economic growth as development comes north from Fishers.

While some critics have argued that the Town Council is jumping the gun by investing in this project before the economic growth takes place, the bridge may provide an incentive for more businesses to invest in the area and for potential shoppers to visit existing businesses.

In this way, the bridge will provide a connection between Pendleton and its neighbors in Hamilton County by providing a way for Hamilton County cyclists to continue their journey all the way into town.

Possibly the most important connection is that of connecting people to their own well-being. Not only does a biking and hiking trail encourage exercise, but it also encourages people to spend more time outdoors with their families and neighbors. By biking, hiking and exploring on the trail, members of the community will improve their health – physically, mentally and socially.

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