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In late April, coronavirus cases and deaths were few in Madison County, but it’s too early for local folks to relax.

While the curve may be flattening here, we must remember that the community, and everyplace else, remains susceptible to outbreaks at nursing homes, factories and other places where large groups gather or vulnerable people spend time.

There’s also a lag in reporting, mainly due to the time it takes to test and get results, all the more reason not to fall prey to a false sense of security. There may be more positive cases that haven’t yet been documented.

As Gov. Eric Holcomb announced the first stage of the plan to reopen Indiana’s economy, some of us may be chomping at the bit to get back to work, get back to school or just go out to dinner and a movie.

With protests and calls to reopen across the country, it is clear that some of us are eager to get back to normal.

Unfortunately, this novel coronavirus doesn’t care about a case of cabin fever, and the government lifting some restrictions doesn’t mean the virus has gone away.

Those who have protested against the shutdown often advocate for freedom and personal responsibility. We urge everyone to take the personal responsibility side of this to heart.

If you do venture out to newly reopened businesses, please continue to practice social distancing and other safety guidelines. Wear a mask if you are asked to, and avoid human contact if you are sick, tested positive for the virus or believe you may have been exposed to the virus.

Let’s remember to play it safe as we enjoy the first glimmers of hope.

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