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The Madison County Sheriff’s Department shined in its investigation of stray bullets striking a Chesterfield home and endangering the residents.

Mel and Lois Imel were visibly shaken when they shared their story with The Herald Bulletin. As they were seated in what they believed to be the safety of their own home the evening of Sept. 12, they explained, bullets ripped through their house.

After the first bullet passed over Lois’ head, she and her husband quickly ducked to the floor as more bullets passed over them.

(A photograph shows a bullet hole in the couch where Mel had been seated just a few seconds earlier.)

A little while later, a bullet passed over the head of a Chesterfield police officer as he was assisting with the investigation.

Sheriff’s deputies used instruments to check the trajectory of the bullets and then used Google maps to find a likely point of origin.

According to the sheriff’s department, a suspect has confessed to shooting in the area and formal charges will be filed.

This story can serve as a cautionary tale about the importance of firearm safety and awareness of one’s surroundings while shooting. By sheer luck, no one was harmed.

Sheriff Mellinger expressed pride in his department for the outstanding police work, and rightly so.

Although it seems unlikely that anyone acted maliciously, the seriousness of the danger warrants the most thorough of investigations, and the sheriff’s department brought just that.

County residents deserve to enjoy safety when relaxing in their homes, and we count on top-notch police work to help this happen.

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