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As the Madison County commissioners move forward with redrawing the three commissioner districts, we know that the new map is intended to divide the county by population. What is unclear is how well this will serve the county.

We are left to wonder why commissioners Mike Phipps and Kelly Gaskill seem to be in such a hurry to redistrict prior to the 2020 election, when it has to be done again in 2021?

When providing representation, there are more things to consider than evenly dividing the population, particularly when to do so would divide at least one community (Anderson Township) into three districts. We wonder if this would lead to a fractured community with divided representation, or to Anderson Township gaining an unfair advantage as the proposed redistricting would make it possible for all three commissioners to come from Anderson Township.

As Indiana State Statute doesn’t require commissioner districts to be based on population, we question why the commissioners feel this is an important change to make.

With all three commissioners being of the same political party, we find this to be an unwise move as it may be perceived as an attempt to benefit their own political party in future elections.

As our commissioners were elected to serve their current districts, we wonder if this redistricting is in the best interest of their constituents.

And finally, we are left to wonder if we are detecting the familiar smell of the Anderson sewage treatment plant or the fresh smell of political gerrymandering in the air.

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