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With COVID-19 outbreaks occurring in places of large gatherings, such as nursing homes and correctional facilities, Indiana’s public schools are doing the right thing by resisting President Trump’s call to reopen.

Online learning is in place, and the school year is almost over. For logistical reasons alone, it would be a fool’s errand to attempt to return to brick-and-mortar education for the few remaining weeks of the semester.

While we have written in support of the governor’s five-stage plan to return to normalcy, places where children gather should be among the last places to reopen.

We can sympathize with those who are eager to get back to work and resume their normal lives, but we should not risk the lives of children in the process.

Returning to our work and recreation, as it was pre-coronavirus, will require some degree of testing the waters.

This pandemic was like nothing most of us have faced in our lifetimes, and one of the greatest challenges has been the uncertainty. As we begin lifting the restrictions, additional uncertainty concerning safety will persist.

As state leaders throughout the country begin to take small steps to reopen the economy, we respect each person’s right to decide how much risk they will take should they choose to venture out.

However, we should do so without putting children at risk.

Children rely on adults to be their guardians and to act in their best interests, and we must keep them safe until we know we can sound the “all clear.”

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