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Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, we invite you to set a goal instead.

New Year’s resolutions have become more of a joke than anything, a promise that everyone makes but no one ever keeps. Perhaps this is because a resolution is simply an announcement spoken into the air as friends clap you on the back and praise your good intentions.

It’s easy to make grand announcements with your friends, especially if you have some Champagne loosening the lips. It’s not as easy to put those announcements into action when the party is over and the guests have all gone home.

A resolution is simply a declaration of intent. A goal is a destination for which you must set a course.

A realistic, attainable goal has the power to change the way you live. It is something you can work at for the 366 days of 2020.

Have you always wanted to write a book of memoirs? Write a little each day.

Are you finally ready to give up smoking? Make an appointment with your doctor to develop a quitting strategy.

Have you been striving to lose a few pounds? Get off the couch and pull up a 15-minute workout on YouTube right now. Then, get yourself a gym membership. (Use that extra money you have that you’re not spending on cigarettes!)

As you empty the ashtrays and throw out the empty cups from last night’s party, make sure you keep that goal with you throughout the year to come.

Happy New Year!

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