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It paints an unflattering picture of the Pendleton Town Council that the first woman to serve as town council president resigned in frustration.

Jessica Smith, who resigned in the middle of her second term as councilwoman, stated, “I no longer wish to remain connected to a council whose priorities are so firmly in the grip of the good ole boys club.”

She also criticized council for reinstating a police chief whom she said had made insensitive posts about Black Lives Matter, women, LGBT people and religious minorities on his personal social media account.

Smith’s resignation was met with mixed reactions from the general public. Some of her supporters seemed to be disappointed in her for resigning rather than remaining at her post to effect change.

If Smith’s views are representative of a significant portion of Pendleton residents, then there should be no shortage of people to step up and fill her seat.

If Smith’s description of council rings true, then a good ole boys club can remain in power only so long as younger voters remain apathetic.

Those who share Smith’s values ought to make it their business to attend town council meetings, let their voices be heard and run for office when positions are available.

Smith said she believes she leaves a strong legacy behind her. Those who wish to honor that legacy can do so by taking an active role in their community and in their local government.

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