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Anderson Police Chief Jake Brown is taking appropriate action in recommending the firing of Officer Taylor Sanderson, who has been accused of sexually touching a colleague.

Sanderson was placed on unpaid leave by the Anderson Board of Public Safety after a former Madison County dispatcher filed a complaint alleging that Sanderson had touched her inappropriately while they were both working.

Sanderson is charged with the administrative charges of conduct unbecoming of an officer, immoral conduct, conduct injurious to the public peace or welfare and violation of rules.

Sanderson, who formerly served as a Daleville police officer, brought a record of disciplinary issues with him from his time there. Daleville town records show that he was twice reprimanded for failure to follow orders, and the town’s attorney said that a third incident occurred just prior to Sanderson’s resignation.

As we would expect any employer to check into the employment history of a potential hire, we must question the judgment of APD in hiring this officer, especially given his abrupt resignation from the Daleville department.

While there is something to be said for second chances, we should take no chances when it comes to the men and women we trust to serve as guardians of public safety.

As the woman who filed the complaint told The Herald Bulletin, “…if you are comfortable to do that to me in a work environment, what are you comfortable doing to people on the street?”

The APD has said that the woman’s complaint was sustained, meaning there is evidence sufficient to prove the allegations. If this is the case, then the only appropriate action is to act in the best interest of public safety and terminate that officer’s employment.

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