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As unpopular as the decision might have been, the city of Anderson did the right thing by canceling a slate of summer events.

By now, we are all feeling a little stir crazy as our favorite watering holes remain closed and the kids are stuck at home. Some of us who are fortunate enough to remain employed are working from our living rooms and those less fortunate have been laid off.

We’ve had to make the best of the Easter holiday without the usual traditions of family dinners, community Easter-egg hunts and church services.

The cancellation of Anderson’s summer events, including the July 4th festivities and the summer concert series, dealt another blow to morale.

It may be uplifting to hear state governors talking about lifting the restrictions, but they should not do so hastily.

There’s a light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel, but it’s only flickering. Local and state officials shouldn’t rush to remove restrictions, and Madison County folks should continue to follow them. Otherwise, we could be in for a second surge.

While it is difficult to forgo our usual holiday traditions and summer fun, we should bear in mind that disregarding the danger could lead to much worse consequences.

Those who succumb to COVID-19 will have no more holidays or summers to look forward to.

As we begin to see glimmers of hope, let us heed the advice of our nation’s health experts and stay the course until the danger has passed.

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