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Easter is a time of renewal and the promise of new life, and in dark times, this promise still holds true.

On Easter Sunday, Christians throughout the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, a story of victory over death.

Easter, with its colored eggs, candy baskets and magic rabbit, also serves as a celebration of spring, with nature itself providing many examples of rebirth. The smell of freshly cut grass is in the air, buds are on the trees and lilies are in bloom.

As we take a walk outside, we can see many natural symbols of resurrection and rebirth as the world comes back to life.

Although the world seems to have gone into hiding in recent weeks, families are getting out and enjoying the parks, which can and should be done while practicing social distancing.

Today, Easter church services will be conducted in a new way, with people connecting through the internet rather than gathering in buildings.

This crisis is nothing short of devastating for those who have lost friends and family members and for those who are battling COVID-19 themselves, but we should count ourselves fortunate to be facing this crisis in a time when modern technology allows us to remain connected while we are physically apart.

People of all faiths and non-believers alike are in this together as none of us remain unaffected by this worldwide pandemic.

As we celebrate Easter in whichever way is most meaningful to us, let us remember that this crisis will end one day and we will gather together to celebrate new life with hugs and handshakes.

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