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As we all struggle to regain our economic footing during the pandemic, local governments must develop new plans and prioritize infrastructure improvements and public services in order to adjust to reduced tax revenue.

Anderson Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. was correct in saying that difficult decisions lie ahead for those who oversee municipal budgets.

For income taxes, not only has the filing deadline been delayed, but revenue is bound to be lower for this year and next year with so many people having reduced work hours and loss of employment.

Businesses have been shuttered since March and some closed permanently.

Gaming tax revenue will be significantly lower as Hoosier Park has brought nearly all of its operations to a halt.

As we begin to see the pandemic abate, we must come to grips with the fact that its effects will be with us for years to come.

This loss of tax revenue means that many municipal projects will be put on hold as local governments develop new plans and priorities.

Raising taxes would only create an additional burden on those already struggling as a result of the pandemic.

As we’ve heard many times throughout this crisis, we’re all in this together. Citizens must be patient as government projects slow to a crawl, and local officials, now more than ever, must be fiscally responsible and prioritize only the most essential projects and services.

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