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In the digital age more and more business that used to be conducted on paper is going digital, but we must concede that in some cases the old-fashioned ways are best, and voting is one of those cases.

Digital processes are prone to computer glitches and intentional sabotage, and in many cases, we take those risks for the sake of convenience. However, when it comes to our elections, we cannot afford to take that gamble.

The Madison County Election Board’s purchase of voting machines that provide paper ballots is money well spent.

Paper ballots provide confirmation to the voter and a tangible record in the event that election results are called into question.

Electronic communication has increased the speed and convenience with which we can conduct business, but it’s hard to deny that cold hard cash is more trustworthy than an electronic funds transfer.

Pioneers of the digital age dreamed of a paperless society. Perhaps we’re a bit biased, but we believe that paper will always play a valuable role.