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The current crisis has exposed a lack of shelters in Anderson for homeless women and children.

If this pandemic has proven anything, it’s that homelessness is not just someone else’s problem. When a viral pandemic sweeps through the world, we are all vulnerable.

Perhaps the most vulnerable of all are those women and children who are in abusive homes. We’ve seen reported incidents of domestic violence significantly increase in these past few months in which many people have been out of work and stuck at home.

Perhaps as vulnerable as those who are stuck at home are those who have no homes to be stuck in. Homeless people have no choice but to continue to move in public spaces and they often lack the means for basic health care, meaning that they continue to present a risk to themselves and others during the pandemic.

The United Way and other agencies are doing what they can to address the problem, but they need our support.

Reporter Rebecca Bibbs’ article in Tuesday’s edition provided accounts of how honest working people have found themselves out of work as the coronavirus brings some industries to a halt. It is easy to see that without a strong support network, such people can become homeless through no fault of their own.

Hard times can affect any of us, and these days they’re affecting all of us.

We as a community owe it to ourselves to see to it that resources are available to provide shelter for the homeless and for women and children who are in danger at home. This is a key element in slowing the spread of the coronavirus and future outbreaks that may threaten us.

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