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Gov. Eric Holcomb is proceeding with caution in a step toward gradually reopening the state’s economy, which is to be commended.

The late timing of the governor’s announcement, though, left business owners and managers in limbo for too long as Friday, the date set for expiration of existing state directives, approached. A week’s worth of notice would have helped businesses better prepare.

We are all eager to get back to normal, to sit in our favorite restaurants, to go out for a drink with friends, to enjoy a summer concert and to simply go grocery shopping without a mask and a bottle of hand sanitizer.

But we cannot put lives at risk needlessly for the sake of convenience.

Every step in the reopening process should be well-informed by the medical community. Our elected leaders working hand in hand with the health care experts is what has brought us this far, and to act with haste now would be to undo all the progress we’ve made.

We have all made drastic changes to our lives as a result of this pandemic, and to reopen too early would be to risk a second surge and make our efforts for naught.

Those who feel sick or believe they may be at risk should remain at home, and the government should take quick action at any sign of a second surge.

As some of us begin to return to work or to the malls or to other newly reopened businesses, we should continue to observe sanitation and social distancing habits in order to continue to roll back the tide of the coronavirus pandemic.

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