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In comparing the strengths of Alexandria’s mayoral candidates, Democratic candidate Penny Stevens comes out ahead.

Stevens and her Republican opponent, Todd Naselroad, have a shared a commitment to doing their best for the city of Alexandria as they vie to replace Democratic incumbent Ron Richardson, who opted not to pursue another term.

Both candidates’ clean and civil campaigns, free of mudslinging, brought a breath of fresh air to this election year.

Naselroad and Stevens share a desire to revitalize the downtown area.

Naselroad is focused on seeking solutions to blighted property and strengthening the police and fire departments.

Stevens, who is the business development coordinator for Essential Senior Health and Living and has a background in marketing, expresses a desire to bring new businesses downtown and temper growth with maintaining a small-town atmosphere.

Naselroad, who works for Alexandria’s water department, brings experience on the practical side of the inner workings of the city, while having no political experience.

Having served on Alexandria’s park and school boards, Stevens brings with her some experience and know-how to turn plans into action. She showed her leadership ability and commitment to the public good, as well, several years ago when she helped spearhead fundraising efforts to keep the Alexandria city swimming pool open. The effort attracted national news coverage.

Her experience, energy, commitment to the community and vision for Alexandria’s future set Stevens apart.

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