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As we prepare together with family members for Thanksgiving, many of us may be feeling some anxiety that the feast will turn into an all-out food fight when the talk turns to politics, but we believe the true meaning of this holiday is too important to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

In spite of the travesties that occurred before and after, the Thanksgiving feast marks an occasion when colonists and Native Americans celebrated a bountiful harvest together.

In our current polarized political climate, we could use a little of that spirit. Fighting with family members over political matters becomes a recurring joke this time of year, but it feels far from humorous when the feast is followed by heartburn courtesy of a heated argument with a loved one.

Why not save the arguments for another time and celebrate the good things in life, such as family, friendship and delicious food?

Those on the right are free to be thankful for the leadership of President Trump, and those on the left side of the table can thankfully look forward to the rapidly approaching 2020 election.

No matter how strongly you feel, remember that a shouting match over the dinner table isn’t likely to help anyone’s cause. While elected leaders come and go, the people who share your table today are likely to be the people with whom you will share Thanksgiving feasts for years to come.

This Thanksgiving we encourage you to put politics aside and make room for a second helping of stuffing with the people who matter most.

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