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While the internet is sometimes vilified for discouraging interpersonal connection in communities, the United Way is using the internet to bring back a sense of community with its virtual campaign event this month.

There is certainly no shortage of bad news to report, but on Sept. 5, we were proud to announce the United Way’s event on our front page.

The United Way partners with charitable organizations to make an easy “one-stop shop” for residents to donate to the causes that matter most to them. At noon on Sept. 17, the United Way extends this spirit of community further with its 24-hour virtual fundraising campaign, which turns the convenience of the internet to a good cause and makes it easy to donate with the click of a mouse or the tap of a smartphone.

Most of us spend most of our waking moments connected to the web in one way or another. We glance at our phones when we need a distraction. We scroll through social media to pass the time. On Sept. 17, we can remain connected worldwide while also connecting with the community in which we live.

When we think of giving to charity, we sometimes think of writing a check to some cause that is vague and far off. With this event, each of us can give however little or much we can afford to help the people right outside our front doors.

We encourage you to take a small detour on your computer or mobile device to support your favorite charity and foster a positive connection with your community.

Log on to www.madisongivesunited.org and support a worthy cause.

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