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When taking precautions against a global pandemic that threatens the most vulnerable among us, it is important to work together and follow the guidance of medical experts and government officials.

A few weeks ago, no one would’ve predicted the closure of businesses and schools leaving the streets of our communities eerily quiet.

When we first starting getting reports of the coronavirus, some of us may have dismissed it as something going on the other side of the world. Some said it was being overhyped in the media. Others said that it would never reach the United States. Still others said that it was “just the flu.”

In just one week from the day Indiana reported its first positive case, the number rose to 126 as of Saturday, including two deaths.

As the number of positive cases rises and reports come from all levels of government, it becomes clear that the threat is much more serious than we realized.

We applaud our county and local officials for a measured response as the threat level has risen. We also applaud the citizens of Madison County for cooperating and taking the situation seriously. We’ve received numerous calls and emails from our readers to express concerns and to request information. We’ve also been contacted by residents and organizations to get the word out about food distribution and other charitable efforts to provide aid to the community.

We at The Herald Bulletin will continue to do our part in providing accurate and up-to-date information

Keep in mind that we won’t be able to tell if we overreact, but we’ll definitely know it if we under-react.

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