By Kenny Nottingham

Anderson resident

This letter is to reply to David Trisler’s letter (Liberal media missed Tea Party story, May 7) and to bring you the truth about the misinformation he has packed into his letter.

Trisler chides the media for not covering the FNC Tax Day Tea Party demonstrations, which he calls a “grass-roots movement against the liberal agenda.” Actually, the media outside the Fox News Channel did give some coverage to the demonstration. That was gracious, considering the whole thing was an FNC project. In the 10 days before April 15, Fox News ran 108 promotional spots about what they called the “FNC Tax Day Tea Parties.” Their Web site had a special section to help with finding and organizing tea parties. That’s not grass-roots, that’s Astroturf. After they lured people in with the anti-tax hoopla, Fox News changed the agenda on April 15. FNC on-screen figures such as Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck acted as onstage hosts in several locations, and the FNCTDTPs became anti-Obama demonstrations. What other news organization has ever promoted, organized, and manipulated anti-government demonstrations? Only “fair and balanced” Fox News.

Mr. Trisler goes on to comment on the Department of Homeland Security’s assessment, “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.” It’s clear Trisler hasn’t read the assessment. He says it calls “our military and all who oppose Obama potential domestic terrorists and ‘right wing supremacists.’ “ That’s just not true. You can read it for yourself; it’s only nine pages long.

The assessment was ordered during the Bush administration, and published on April 7, 2009, not long after the new Secretary of Homeland Security took office. If you’re wondering, there’s a similar assessment of leftwing extremists.

Mr. Trisler goes on, with standard boilerplate GOP talking points, including, “a tax burden that, in 2010, is going to hit everyone harder than ever imagined.” Unless Trisler makes over $250,000 a year, he’s going to be nicely surprised with a tax cut. If he makes more than that, he’ll pay the rate he would have paid under President Reagan.

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