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Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

City and social activist Ben Orcutt advocates transformational change through his small business. (Published Feb. 22)

• “Kudos to him and anyone else trying to bring positive change to Anderson."

• “Keep it up buddy. Need more around like you. Let's join together and start making a difference in Anderson."

• “Such a great asset to our community!”

THB: Orcutt has made quite an impression in his short time as a business owner in Anderson. His attitude toward downtown and the rest of Anderson is what's needed to get the city moving forward and to bring vitality back to our community.

Trondo Humphrey, whose conviction in the 1995 murder of Benjamin Laughlin was overturned after he spent 22 years in prison, has filed a lawsuit against the prosecutor and police. (Published Feb. 22)

• “A million dollars wouldn't take care of one day in prison."

• “This is horrible that an innocent man spends most of his life behind bars. Our justice system is so flawed."

• “I'm going to venture to say this was not an example of an exonerated man. The lawsuit is an affront to justice and the citizens of Madison County. No jury is going to award this man anything.”

THB: This was inevitable outcome once the conviction was overturned and no new charges were filed. Hopefully, all involved on the county's side have learned a valuable lesson about proper procedures. Unfortunately, their missteps may cost the residents a hefty sum.

The city has set a bid date for a project to repave 53rd Street. Upgrades are also planned for Dickmann Town Center, including new playground equipment. (Published Feb. 20)

• “About time! Going down 53rd in the dark and rain, you never know exactly what lane you're in."

• “Dickmann Town Center is a waste of money. Nothing to do uptown after dark, and kids cause trouble. And no one wants to go up there."

• “Thank goodness. This road is about eight years overdue! I'm most glad there might be lines again."

THB: Good projects for the city to undertake. Fifty-third Street is a major east-west artery for hundreds of motorists on the south side of the city. And the Dickmann Town Center is well used in the warmer months with a park setting for concerts and other events, with the small play area an added bonus.