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Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

Anderson Police Officer Adam Watters, the son of Police Chief Tony Watters, was arrested Friday on several felony and misdemeanor charges for an alleged attack on an ex-girlfriend. (Published June 7)

• “Everyone knows if you want to break the law in Anderson, you must first join the police department.”

• “Follow this to see if he is given special treatment.”

• "My money is on that this was all just 'misunderstanding' and that 'nothing really happened' and that charges will be dropped and everyone will go on their merry way."

• “All this talk of coverup, good ol' boy system, slap on the wrist ... where do some of you get this?”

THB: When law enforcement officers are arrested and charged with crimes, it's paramount the city and department be as transparent as possible as they address the situation. In this case, even more so, given the family relationship between the officer and chief. One look at the comments on the story shows the community doesn't trust the process will be fair.

At least three women on the jury were visibly shaken by photos of Harlan Haines that were entered into evidence Thursday in the Dylan Tate trial. It was also made known the mother in the case was receiving immunity for her testimony. (Published June 6)

• “How could the prosecutor even think of giving immunity to the mom? They don't need her testimony.”

• “My heart breaks for this sweet baby that did not deserve what he suffered and the horrible way he died. The only part that gives me peace is now this baby is with Jesus.”

• “This is going to be very traumatizing for everyone in that courtroom.”

THB: This is sure to be an emotional trial, with details that will chill us to the bone. The legal system will do what it does, and surely justice will be found for little Harlan, even if it's not exactly what we all wish "justice" was.

A 20-year-old resident diagnosed with autism and epilepsy told a deputy he was punched twice in the face by a staff member, Sheriff Scott Mellinger said. (Published June 6)

• “They need to shut that place down if they can't even feed the clients properly! Also, someone needs to deal with him for a bit.”

• “I personally know this guy; he's not capable of this.”

• “I worked for that company many years ago and you cannot believe everything you read. I don't know what happened but don't judge anyone.”

THB: Care for people with special needs is challenging. And sometimes situations can get out of control. This incident needs to be thoroughly investigated to not only determine what happened but improve care.