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Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

An Elwood woman reportedly told police she "wasn't thinking straight" when she stopped her car to let her son out to attack another child, who he said was bullying him. (Published June 27)

• “Go MOM! At some point this is where you are left. Elwood schools DO NOT address bullying."

• “Violence is NEVER the answer that's what I teach my own. Period.”

• “She's just doing what any good parent would've done! I'd rather sit in jail for having my child stand up for what's right, instead of being one of these kids committing suicide! Dry those eyes and hold your head up!”

THB: Standing up for yourself is a good way to defuse a bullying situation — bullies are usually frustrated when a target finds his or her voice. The act becomes less of a thrill and more work than it's worth. But using physical violence to inflict fear and/or pain on the bully isn't an answer ... the bullied has only managed to turn himself into a bully.

Do you think someone convicted of a felony crime should be able to serve as a juror in a criminal trial in Indiana? (Published June 26)

• “I'm a convicted felon. I'm registered to vote and I also have been summoned for jury duty. I never had to go. My number group hasn't been called. I'd be proud and honored to serve on a jury. I feel like it would help me give back to my community."

• “Might be a little conflict of interest, but it’s just my opinion. No is my final answer.”

• “Yes, as long as all of their time has been served.”

THB: One might be naturally inclined to say "no" in answer to the question we posed to our readers. Felons may have a very jaded perspective of our criminal justice system, and there's a chance that bias could affect case outcomes. But, when one considers the comments of the first reader featured here, you realize that there may be value in allowing felons, who have done their time, to take part in society in this manner.

Caesars Entertainment Corp., which finalized its purchase of Hoosier Park Racing & Casino in Anderson a year ago, has been sold to Eldorado Resorts. (Published June 23)

• “Hopefully things will get better. I haven’t seen much good come from the Caesars' takeover.”

• “Does this mean we have to do new cards again? Geez! Hopefully, the slots start paying out better!”

• “Nothing good has come from that casino since they put it in!”

THB: Caesars, we hardly knew ya! Gambling is a tumultuous industry, and our hope is Eldorado will continue to provide the community with a place to work and play and a destination for visitors.