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Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

Anderson Police Department investigated two fatal accidents involving a motorcycle Friday. (Published June 1)

• “This is for those who drive motorcycles ... think about your family and friends and wear a helmet, please!”

• “It's easier for a gnat to see an elephant than for an elephant to see a gnat. Ride accordingly!”

• “Please, people, stop killing motorcycle riders. They are husbands, wives, lovers, parents, children, just like you and your loved ones. For God's sake, pay attention when driving.”

THB: With spring and summer temperatures come an increase of motorcycles on our streets. Drivers need to be aware of their presence and drive with extra caution. Riders, too, need to be mindful of traffic laws and the vehicles around them. Otherwise, tragedy is sure to follow.

Officials have confirmed that the Pendleton Lions Club June Jamboree at Falls Park will kick off at 5 p.m. on June 4. (Published May 30)

• “Awesome! Hope to go this year just to walk around and maybe see people we know.”

• “This couldn't have been possible without the community support in the cleanup efforts. Great job to all!”

• “Pendleton Strong.”

THB: It's fantastic that the Pendleton community will be able to gather for the jamboree and celebrate the town's recovery from last week's tornado. It will be a chance to reflect on what the residents have been through and honor those who assisted in the cleanup.

County Engineer Joe Copeland told the commissioners Tuesday that the final projected cost for the Eisenhower Bridge project would come in at $15,525,000, under the expected cost. (Published May 30)

• “To be that far below contingency is pretty awesome. This is why people need to stop acting like the expansion joint issue means failure. It's a fact that something will always have to be corrected on projects like this.”

• “That's awesome. Not the kind of thing we expect to hear from our government projects.”

THB: It's nice to see something come in below the projected cost for a change. Unfortunately, because federal funding was used to finance the project, it will go back to the federal government and not be available for other projects here. But it still feels like a victory.