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Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

A six-month moratorium on the development of any large-scale solar energy projects has been approved for Madison County. (Published July 11)

• “Solar farming is the farming of Indiana’s future if we don’t start tackling climate change."

• “Don't hate those who are fighting to protect this county, be thankful."

• “Prime farmland is for food, not for solar panels!"

THB: The county is taking a step back to examine the 2017 ordinance ... that's a good thing if it means ensuring its content best serves the county and its residents. But the review shouldn't hinder our progress toward green energy. There's too much at stake.

A traffic stop for excessive speed led to a state trooper giving lifesaving first aid to an injured man. (Published July 11)

• “Great work by the Trooper, class shown by the injured party, and thanks to the friend!"

• “Great trooper! He is a awesome one!"

• “Well done sir!"

THB: Trooper Ron Hoff's actions are simply heroic and an exemplary example of the great service law enforcement officers provide to our community. Bravo, Trooper Huff!

Madison County Prosecutor Rodney Cummings said Thursday that Fredrick Baer will be sentenced to life without parole. (Published July 11)

• “Such a miscarriage of justice. Everyone involved should be fired or resign."

• “This is terrible. This monster is the poster boy for death sentence."

• “What a waste of money money that could go to good causes."

THB: The overturning of Baer's death sentence has reopened wounds for the family and community. Hopefully, his sentencing will be the end of this matter, and we can all put him out of our minds forever.