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Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

In a press release issued Friday, candidate Rick Gardner raised concerns about nepotism in city government and called for the demotion of Anderson Police Chief Tony Watters. (Published Aug. 16)

• “Nepotism should only be done in family-owned businesses, not when the public tax dollars are involved. Period."

• “Nepotism may be everywhere, doesn't mean Anderson has to partake of it too. Stop making excuses by saying everyone is doing it and start demanding more of your city officials."

• “Mud-slinging tonight ..."

THB: In case you needed a reminder, Gardner offers one with his statement. The election is less than three months away. And things will only get more interesting from here.

Red flag laws allow law enforcement officials to seize weapons from an individual that could be a danger to themselves or others. A court has to approve the return of the weapon. Indiana's was adopted in 2005. (Published Aug. 16)

• “Would just like to see one "minor" change to this law. To charge anyone with a felony (with up to 1 year jail time) that "maliciously gives false information" to police, causing them to falsely confiscate someone's weapons."

• “Who is going to be the grand arbiter of whose rights get revoked? What’s the threshold?"

• “How about just enforcing the laws already on the books? Every one of these mass shooters has been known to law enforcement."

THB: Red flag laws aid law enforcement in securing public safety when an individual, known to police as a danger, is deemed an immediate threat. And while there is a small chance of false reporting, a penalty for such could be a deterrent and the public good far outweighs a temporary inconvenience in cases deemed unjust.

Brandy Neff sat in tears in her living room as she listened to the 911 recordings made on the morning her only child, 23-year-old Chase Michael Kumkoski, was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident. (Published Aug. 14)

• “This is so horrible. There are no words for how heartbreaking this is. Praying for comfort to his family. This city has to change from the top down."

• “While things like this are not uncommon for some of us on the job, we have to remember others don’t go through them on a daily basis. That is why empathy is vital."

• “I am extremely disappointed in the police department."

THB: The public believes that, when the call comes, law enforcement jumps immediately into action to protect or save us. And most times, that's the case. Our police department seems to have failed the family here and has again damaged the public's trust, both in the response time and the lack of empathy shown to a grieving mother.

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