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Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

Kroger plans to use its Zero Hunger Zero Waste program to end hunger in the communities it serves by 2025 by diverting safe and nutritious food that can no longer be sold in stores to food banks. (Published May 23)

"This should be the protocol for all stores, unless it's spoiled."

"Amazing ... one of my favorite stores."

THB: The program will help a lot of communities, including our own. A bag of apples shouldn't be thrown away from a bruise or two ... it could provide valuable nutrition to a family in desperate need. Bravo to Kroger and other entities undertaking similar programs.

CSX and the city are changing the railroad crossing on 53rd Street near the intersection with Columbus Avenue. Officials say the redesign will be more driver friendly. (Published May 23)

"This has been needed for many years. Glad it's finally happening."

"About time. I have almost been sideswiped on my motorcycle multiple times because people don't pay attention to the signs. They get in the turn-only lane and go straight through the intersection."

"It was poorly designed when they put it in."

"Had to get it changed before the self driving cars. Not a logical pattern."

THB: While several commenters noted they'd never had a problem navigating the intersection, the number of accidents in the area and number of repairs required by CSX indicate there just might be an issue. Hopefully the changes will ease problem.

Olivia Pratt is the youngest county clerk in Indiana. She hopes her campaign's success inspires other younger people to become involved in the political process as candidates. (Published May 23)

• "We need younger people who have a better understanding of the world today. Congrats!"

• "That's my boss, and she's doing an excellent job!"

• "Just makes some changes and don't become a career politician. And by that I mean, abuse the power given to you by the taxpayers."

THB: It's encouraging to see young people step up and become involved as candidates. They can often provide a different perspective and new solutions through emerging technologies. Best of luck to Olivia. We hope to see others follow in her footsteps.