The Indiana Civic Health Index group reports that the Hoosier state consistently ranks in the bottom 10 nationally in voter turnout, something the group seeks to remedy and with good reason.

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Congresswoman Susan Brooks, R-5th District, is dodging the issue of whether there should be an impeachment inquiry based on President Donald Trump's alleged quid pro quo ultimatum to Ukraine.


While this year’s election is unlikely to be featured on CNN, we encourage everyone to take their local elections seriously and get to the poll.

Although valid arguments could be made on both sides, the Ingalls Board of Zoning Appeals chose to listen to the community and vote against Newco Metals’ expansion project. The voice of the people should serve as a tie-breaker in government decisions.

Roof repairs, new theater equipment and new tenants are just a few of the needs to be addressed by the new owner of Mounds Malls before the facility can be reopened and restored to a position of prominence in the community.

The Anderson Civilian Review board might never wield great authority, but its voice will be stronger if it becomes better organized. And that's what the board is attempting to do by developing bylaws, procedures and policies for making recommendations to Anderson City Council.

Internet memes and YouTube videos are following in the long tradition of political cartoons, but a video recently shown at a conservative political conference may have gone too far.

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