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While living under restricted conditions during the COVID-19 crisis isn’t easy for any of us, it is important that we cooperate with the guidelines our state and local governments have issued for individuals and businesses.

In a time where people across the globe are dealing with the effects of a pandemic, it may seem to be all gloom and doom in the newspaper headlines, but there are many opportunities to reflect…

When taking precautions against a global pandemic that threatens the most vulnerable among us, it is important to work together and follow the guidance of medical experts and government officials.


The State Legislature, for the most part, made sound decisions during the 2020 session on bills with significant environmental and public health ramifications. But legislators fell short of good public policy in at least two cases.

Mike Phipps made his reputation as a Tea Party darling, advocating for small government and low taxes. He would just as soon slash and burn a budget as sign it. Now, he and fellow commissioner Kelly Gaskill have needlessly cost taxpayers as much as $870,000.

As Pete Buttigieg bowed out of the race to become the Democratic Party’s next presidential candidate, we congratulate him for a campaign conducted with class.

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