A new year is upon us. Let us be glad of that.

On page D1 today, we revisit some of the major stories that The Herald Bulletin carried in 2005. The year began on a bad note with one of Mother Nature’s worst tirades, an ice storm, followed a week later by the huge magnesium fire at AMACOR that lit up the night sky that could be seen several counties away.

On the opposite side of the law, there was a man executed, a man condemned to death and yet another who perpetrated a hoax about killing four people. There was a hero firefighter who pulled four people out of burning homes. It was also a year when Mayor Kevin Smith traveled to Japan hoping to interest businesses in locating to Anderson for jobs and economic development.

At The Herald Bulletin it was business as usual. Life did change daily and we tried to capture it all. 2006 won’t be any different as far as the newspaper goes. No matter what people do, good, bad or ugly, we’ll have it in the paper. We also invite readers to check our new Web site and see the changes. Web sites are becoming important to newspapers and it’s one more way we can get news to our readers.

The city of Anderson and Madison County will continue to have growing pains in 2006, as officials continue to seek ways to improve the economy and more people move into the southwestern part of the county. Changes will be coming and the smaller communities of Lapel and Pendleton will be focal point for the population influx as Indianapolis continues to push northward.

2005 started on a contentious note between Anderson and its employees but ended in a more cooperative manner. We hope that kind of relationship sets a new standard as everyone realizes they are pursuing one goal. 2006 can be a year of turning corners if everyone looks to the general welfare of the community and decides that the work that needs to be done is the responsibility of us all.

A new year is a time of reflection and planning. Most of us know where we’ve been and we’ve seen things that need changing. So when we plan, we need to find ways to bring the city and county back to vibrant economic life. Let’s work in that direction.

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