Biden supporters

voted for destruction

Thank you, Joe Biden voters.

All of the people who hated President Trump have voted to destroy this country. Look at what you have done. Decisions that President Biden has made have failed. I'm not a Republican. I have voted Democratic many times. People who voted for Biden would have voted for the devil to defeat Trump. President Trump wasn't perfect, but who is?

Prices on everything from gasoline to food have risen. Illegal aliens by the thousands have broken our Southern border with Biden's OK. I'm a veteran, and it sickens my heart to see 12 service members killed two days before we pull out (of Afghanistan). Pipelines in our country shut down while allowing Russia access to European markets is crazy. Poor policy decisions one and all.

The Supreme Court is the highest court in our country, yet President Biden refuses to obey its rulings on anything he disagrees with. You Biden voters have turned our country over to socialists who have an agenda to change the whole country. This president cannot or will not answer questions from reporters to keep this country's voters informed on his policies. This country will be lucky to survive President Biden. So thank all you Biden voters who have voted to destroy this country just because you hated President Trump.

Terry Poole


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