Political cartoons are also opinions

Michael Miller (letter, April 28) was offended by a political cartoon in the April 7 Herald Bulletin that depicted a GOP elephant speaking out of both sides of his mouth. He called this “another example of the inaccurate and disingenuous spin found in the media.”

Apparently he didn’t notice the title at the top of the page: Commentary. This is an opinion page that includes editorials, syndicated columnists, cartoons and letters to the editor expressing many different opinions. It is not a news page.

Does Miller really think that any opinion he disagrees with is an example of media bias? When a cartoon criticizes President Biden, I guess that’s OK.

Miller criticizes President Biden and his handlers for “doing their level best to dismantle every policy of the Trump administration, regardless of its benefit,” such as a controlled border. A border where children, even babies, were separated from their parents, without bothering to keep accurate records.

It’s estimated that 1,000 or more still have not been reunited.

He also approves of President Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, even though his own state department reported that Iran had lived up to its terms, and since then has been increasing its nuclear stockpile.

He thinks Biden’s cancellation of the Keystone XL Pipeline was a mistake. Only if you don’t care about the environment.

It would have transported heavy tar sands oil, which is more susceptible to dangerous leaks, across 1,073 rivers, lakes and streams and many acres of wetlands, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. A leak could have ruined the water supply for millions of people.

Norma Abbey, Anderson

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