Art museum thanks ‘Edgy’ supporters

The Anderson Museum of Art would like to thank the Anderson community for the support shown during the museum’s first Over the Edge fundraising event Oct 23, 2021. Over the Edge was a tremendous success, with 52 rappellers (edgers), several community sponsors, many volunteers, vendors and those attending the event.

Over the Edge included many activities that encouraged community involvement including crafts and games, vendors, food trucks, live music, a fabulous VIP area, hayride, open museum galleries, raffle and more. Rappellers (who raised at least $1,000 each to go down the side of First Merchants Bank building) received tremendous support from their family, friends, employers and those who cheered on each brave community advocate willing to go the extra mile to support the museum.

Thanks to the community, more than $26,000 was netted for museum programming, one of the largest fundraisers the museum has hosted in several years. These funds will greatly help the museum with efforts to carry out its mission, “To engage the community in the visual arts.” We endeavor to be an integral part of the growing art community through a variety of means including collaborations with other arts organizations, youth and adult art classes, youth summer camps, public art receptions and participation in various downtown activities.

Over the Edge 2022 planning has already begun. The goal next year is to fill all 80 spots and increase the number of those attending the event. Information about OTE 2022 will be forthcoming. We encourage everyone to save the date for Oct. 21, 2022.

Mandee Mikulski, director, Anderson Museum of Art

NFL is focused on all that money

Rarely, if ever, do I agree with Primus Mootry. But in his column about the resignation of John Gruden as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders (Oct. 20), he makes some very valid points.

And while he refers to those with certain opinions as from “liberal and progressive camps,” he just can’t help himself from describing the opposite opinion as from so-called “Ultra-conservative right wingers,” yet many nonpartisan people have opinions on both sides of the issue.

Nonetheless, his point that “Gruden’s resignation is about the NFL brand. It is about money.” is spot-on. How does a game-losing franchise like the Raiders pay $100 million for 10 years of head coaching anyway? Is it because no franchise ever fails when it comes to making money. They only fail on the field, which really is no concern for the league or the owners. Their concern is the bottom line.

Let the fans have their sophomoric worries about league championships and Super Bowl victories. Just keep the cash-paying customers in the seats, buying food and drinks, watching televised games — and the NFL, the owners, the coaches and the players will do all this again next year between trips to the bank.

Gerald Miller, Anderson

People should stand against profane flag

About the online poll results on the F--- Biden flag. Sadly, I wasn’t surprised that 32% see nothing wrong; 27% find it offensive, but he has a right to fly it; and 40% find it offensive and should be removed.

This is so sad, and sickening, that 59% of people think it is OK for children to be exposed to this as a normal thing. If he wants to fly it in his back yard, fine, but it is a violation of rights to be able to drive down a city or county or state road and not see profanity flying in the wind.

There is a lot of gray area, but there is still right and wrong. And it is just wrong. We dealt with this at the 4-H fair (Confederate flags being sold), and that is basically for the children. Dear 27%, please find your spines and stand up for what is clearly right or wrong.

Tina Vandebur, Alexandria

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