All over the media I have observed people decrying the current labor shortage. Many blame it on unemployment insurance. Some believe it is a lack of skilled professionals. They claim that more training is necessary. One factor I have yet to see discussed is that today’s worker values freedom over money.

In Indiana, only 37.7% of the people have been fully vaccinated. Yet the government has already lifted crowd and business restrictions, and mask mandates, but supposedly only for those that have been "fully vaccinated."

Did you know that farmers in the USA spray their fields with 280 million pounds of glyphosate herbicide each year? Since this chemical is "disarmed" by a common element in soil, once it touches dirt, it is theoretically "safe for the environment."

Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana wants President Joe Biden to finish building "The Wall." Never mind the COVID-19 progress, the economic stimulus money that is working for the most needy of us, or the 43 states that are passing voter restriction laws to suppress the African American voters.

On March 31, your paper published what is termed a "sponsored advertorial" entitled Body and Mind. I believe this is a feature which seems to be published on medical information about once a month.

There is a bit of an unexpected tussle going on right now in the Statehouse. You see, the Republican supermajority did not expect to have any problem pulling more money away from public education and giving it to private education entities. It turns out that people are pushing back, and the …

I am so disheartened! What a blatant disregard for diversity for our school board to choose to have no advisory committee comprised of residents of color, and online poll results have 50% of the community not wanting an advisory committee with residents of color.

Feb. 7 was the first-year anniversary of Donald J. Trump telling writer Bob Woodward that the virus was deadly stuff, more deadly than the flu. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien told Trump the virus would be the largest national security crisis of his presidency.

Welcome news for all Americans. President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 will be passed and money will be going out to low-income people and so much more. It will help to speed up vaccine doses and distribution will help to get more people protected. It will also help state and local governments to keep first responders on the job.

I am greatly troubled by the news that the Anderson Community Schools board of education has been unwilling to accept the offer of a biracial group of city leaders to meet and share thoughts about the hiring of a new school superintendent.

I recently heard Mr. Trump speak again, and have also been listening to his followers repeat over again that the recent election was "stolen" from Mr. Trump, and that he actually won. This, despite massive evidence that this is simply not true on any level.

I am nonplussed by the Anderson Community Schools board’s refusal to add a minority ad hoc community representative to the discussion regarding the choice of a superintendent. In fact, why only one? Why not at least two?

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