I am so disheartened! What a blatant disregard for diversity for our school board to choose to have no advisory committee comprised of residents of color, and online poll results have 50% of the community not wanting an advisory committee with residents of color.

Feb. 7 was the first-year anniversary of Donald J. Trump telling writer Bob Woodward that the virus was deadly stuff, more deadly than the flu. National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien told Trump the virus would be the largest national security crisis of his presidency.

Welcome news for all Americans. President Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 will be passed and money will be going out to low-income people and so much more. It will help to speed up vaccine doses and distribution will help to get more people protected. It will also help state and local governments to keep first responders on the job.

I am greatly troubled by the news that the Anderson Community Schools board of education has been unwilling to accept the offer of a biracial group of city leaders to meet and share thoughts about the hiring of a new school superintendent.

I recently heard Mr. Trump speak again, and have also been listening to his followers repeat over again that the recent election was "stolen" from Mr. Trump, and that he actually won. This, despite massive evidence that this is simply not true on any level.

I am nonplussed by the Anderson Community Schools board’s refusal to add a minority ad hoc community representative to the discussion regarding the choice of a superintendent. In fact, why only one? Why not at least two?

Twenty years ago, Hoosier legislators took a far-sighted and important step to protect the vanishing wetlands in Indiana that the federal Clean Water Act doesn’t cover. On Jan. 25, the Indiana Senate Natural Resources Committee passed a bill that would strip those protections, Senate Bill 389.

Mr. Trump's legacy will be that he destroyed the lock solid control of all three branches of government that were controlled by Republicans in 2016, to a solid control of government to the Democrats in his four years in office.

Editor’s Note: The Indiana Maternal Mortality Review Committee published its findings in December 2020. Of the 63 pregnancy-related deaths identified the majority occurred postpartum, and the most common contributing factor was substance abuse disorder. Accidental overdose was overwhelmingly…

Per The Herald Bulletin on Jan. 7, Glenn and Peggy Hall attended a Washington, D.C. “rally,” the purpose of which was to prevent the certification of Joe Biden’s election. (Note there was no voter fraud). This certification is required and not an option.

In reading the Ken de la Bastide article relating to the "National debt out of control" dated 12-26-2020, I want to point out that the ratio of national debt to population is not a proper barometer of the significance of the national debt.

Our devoted politicians never miss a chance to take advantage during a crisis. In 1977, Congress gave the federal government free hand in printing all the money they think they need to control the economy.

I have lived my life as a racist. For 48 years I lived a biased and prejudiced life against those who are Black. Don’t misunderstand me. During that time I never spoke disrespectfully or insulted a Black person. I never committed an act of violence against a Black person. I never refused ser…

It’s over. Donald Trump lost the election. He knows it. Mike Pence knows it. Mike Braun and Todd Young know it. But apparently several thousand American citizens don’t know it. They are clinging to Trump’s words.

Measures to help older foster youth struggling during the pandemic were tucked into the latest COVID Relief Package signed by President Trump. At a time when more than half of Americans under 30 have moved back home with their parents, these young adults don’t have families to rely on and are in desperate need of lifelines.

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