I want to thank my parents Harold and Janet Barkdull for all that they do. My parents have done so much for the city of Anderson and I would like to acknowledge them at this time. My parents have a homeless shelter on 11th Street called Stepping Stones for veterans. They have saved a lot of lives and have given men, women and children another chance at life. At this present time they have over 50 clients that they have brought into their shelter.

One of the reasons for this struggle is that the VA grant was taken away from them. My parents are the most giving people you could ever want to meet. It hurts me to see them struggling day by day worrying on something that they have worked so hard at, knowing that God gave them a mission to do and they have yet not given up on their dreams. Even if they have to pay out of their own pocket, which is hard for them to do, they still find a way to keep the doors open and a roof over their heads on these veterans they have taken in.

As their daughter I am asking if there is anyone out there that can help Stepping Stones get out of their struggle and worries, I would greatly, greatly appreciate anything anyone can do. Please someone help my parents on continuing their mission to restore power and dignity to the veterans in need.

Jennifer Podhaski

Douglasville, Ga.

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