Ann Coulter tells us that President Bush’s foreign policy is what makes him great — absurd! Of course, FOX News thinks Coulter is correct — absurd! Guess what? Our longtime ally, Turkey, today pursues its own path. Guess why? Answer: Turkey thinks Bush’s policies are absurd! — And so do millions of Americans!

Bush repeats, time and time again, the absurd neo-conservative idea that “the terrorists hate us for who we are.” That is, to use Bush’s exact words: “The terrorists hate us because we are free.” Therefore, according to Bush, we are not “facing a set of grievances that can be soothed or addressed.” But that isn’t what the record shows — or what the terrorists say — It’s what we do. It’s our policies they hate.

Bush’s absurd argument has provided for four years the entire philosophical basis for how the U.S. government is fighting terrorism. Yet the argument is 100 percent wrong. However, it has served Bush’s political goals satisfactorily. Had the media bothered to scratch below the surface, they would have seen warning signs that Bush’s statement was false and even dangerous. To start with, public opinion polls in Islamic nations repeatedly show that people in those countries actually admire America’s political and economic freedoms. They also admire our wealth, technology and even our culture. So, some other factor must be generating anti-U.S. hatred in these parts of the world. Guess what? It’s what Bush does!

Bill J. Paschal


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