It’s a bad idea to close Athletic Pool before a replacement pool is ready to be used.

Many young children use this pool in the summer. It keeps them off the streets and it keeps them cool. I’m afraid, if you close Athletic Pool, children will have to be pulled out of local rivers and ponds.

Take some of the money that is used for more trivial things and keep the pool open! Maybe the sale of the old Guide and Remy properties would do. Our kids are the greatest assets we have. Don’t sell them short!

There are not many activities in Anderson that are affordable for children. Some people have used Athletic Pool for years. Other pools in this area aren’t big enough or it takes too much gas money to drive children there. A new pool is an excellent idea, but keep the old one, or a good alternative, until the new one is ready for use. If it saves one life, it will be worth the cost.

Bill Malone


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