When Watergate investigations were embroiling Richard Nixon more deeply, his apologists tried to justify it by saying, “Oh, he just got caught at what everybody in Washington does.” There was never a shred of evidence that anyone outside the White House circle was involved, but as all teenagers know, saying “Everybody was doing it” is supposed to soften the blow for truly guilty parties. 

Now comes columnist Walter Williams who wrote in his Jan. 20 column that Jack Abramoff’s activities have “showered millions of dollars on the campaign coffers of both Republican and Democrat congressmen.” There is not one shred of evidence that the Democrats received anything from Abramoff. I guess trying to tar them with the same brush is suppose to lighten the load of those who did accept Abramoff’s cash and favors.

Question: Why would Abramoff waste his money bribing Dems? They’ve been in enough of a minority since Gingrich and his GOP friends took over Congress in the 1990s for unethical lobbyist Abramoff to just ignore them. No, not “everybody was doing it,” Mr. Williams. We’re getting a pretty good handle on who was. Let’s stick to that list and stop insulting every member of Congress. Trying to pretend that everybody is involved in dirty politics undermines honest government on both sides of the aisle. 


Carole Carlson


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