On Monday, May 30, we took financial gifts totaling $1,501 to the College Heights Christian Church in Joplin, Mo. We also delivered a van-load of supplies, worth an estimated $1,000, generously donated from our community. College Heights continues to be one of several major distribution point for directly aide those displaced by the destruction. The volunteers at College Heights were very grateful for the monetary and the practical gifts of love, and assured us that is goes 100% to the victims.

The need is overwhelming in this town ravaged by the EF5 tornado. The devastation, both physical and emotional, is evident everywhere. Thousands of people have lost everything and the suffering has been great. We were able to witness the orderly distribution of food and supplies first hand. The tone was sober and humbling. Both the victims and the volunteers were exhausted, but more volunteers are coming to do what they can.

Thank you, Anderson, for your gifts — they were very much needed and appreciated. We were also able to aid in the cleanup for three days. We are grateful to Anderson for responding in such a generous way, in such a short time. Thank you very much!

John and Jolene Hannum


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