A citizenship question has appeared in “some form or another” on censuses throughout our history; however, it was only removed entirely in 2010 during the Obama administration. Its roots reach far back into the founding era. Thus, the citizenship question is not a new concept; it really equates to “common sense”. So, why would the Democratic Party vigorously oppose a simple, common sense citizenship question on the census?

It’s because the Democratic Party has become the party of lawlessness, socialism, and key supporters of the globalist agenda. They seek to erase the sovereignty of America. Their acts and objectives are treasonous under the guise of politics. There’s a crisis on our border, and they purposely “do nothing” about it because they want open borders. They want America flooded with illegal immigrants.

The Democratic Party has been virtually a “do nothing” party since 2016 besides obstructing justice, refusing to truly help the American people, and investigating President Trump. These elected representatives were sent to Washington to help improve America; yet, their daily agenda, coupled with mainstream media, have been to get Trump at all costs. Resist Trump on the border, and criticize him for anything he tries to do for this nation. They aren’t for the American people; they’re for the globalists and their agenda.

If their insidious ploys and deceitful schemes of maneuver succeed, you will not recognize America once they put America in their vice-like grip of control. Just ask the Venezuelan citizens for their advice, and they’ll tell you to oppose the disingenuous Democratic Party.

Michael Imhof, Aurora, Ilinois