The Indiana legislation allowing commissioners the option to have the voter registration a separate office and the Madison County commissioners considering that option, if exercised, in my opinion, would greatly strengthen and improve the trust and the citizen’s belief in the integrity of the election process in Madison County, if those in charge of the office were by voter and not appointment.

As it is, the Democrat and Republican Party chairmen (elected by party not citizens) appoint a representative to supervise the office, and both in 2014 appointed themselves or family member to that position, a $34,000 annual salary. Though legal, I question the ethic.

Willis is right. Elections in Madison County have always been different. I would add “and lack integrity,” or at least as long as I have been paying attention. In my opinion, the present method is the very reason of voter mistrust, it does not breed fairness and equality but instead an opportunity of manipulation.

My request, Commissioners, please continue the discussion and consider citizen input. You are onto something good.

Danny Hayes




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