It’s time to eliminate the Democratic Party. This is no longer the Democratic Party of the John F. Kennedy era. The Democratic Party has transitioned into the Marxist and Socialist Party of America.

After reviewing the Democratic Party platform from the last presidential election, I found it exceptionally hard to comprehend how a Bible-believing Christian could have voted for a Democrat. The Democratic Party opposes basic principles of morality as set forth in Scripture. It has become the party of activism, obstructionism and violence. It’s easy to see why Communist Party USA “consistently” supports the Democrats.

While it accuses the Republican Party of racism and bigotry, it’s really the party of racism and bigotry. Its past history, and current actions of accusations, repeatedly corroborate this statement. It’s the party that promotes division and disunity, while pretending to actually care about the American people.

The Democratic Party doesn’t care about the Judeo-Christian values of America, nor the Constitution. They’re the party of globalism, and they’re anti-American, anti-sovereignty. They use people and causes to promote the godless agenda of the global elitists.

Lenin is reputed to have coined the phrase “useful idiots” to describe those in the West who acted as apologists for the political brutality and economic failure of Soviet communism. It seems that the Democratic Party could equally apply this term to their followers; although, they want their followers to feel enlightened.

Vote the Democrats and Republican In Name Only (RINO) Republicans out of office. Vote for candidates with tea party and Judeo-Christian values.

Michael Imhof

Aurora, Illinois

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